Boston Boxing & Fitness

The boxer's workout is the toughest regimen in sports and a great way to get into shape. With a focus on strength and conditioning, boxing offers a unique and motivating alternative to the standard gym workout.

In addition to boxing, Boston Boxing & Fitness offers classes, weight training and personal training. A fully licensed, fully insured full-time Olympic boxing training center sanctioned through USA Boxing, Inc., the gym is staffed with trainers who are 100% focused on fitness and safety.

Equipped with over 1,500 pounds of free weights, Boston Boxing & Fitness provides a full weight training experience. Our on-staff strength coaches will design a conditioning and strengthening program specifically for you.

Whether you are focused on boxing competitively or recreationally we will train and prepare you with circuit training; coordination and conditioning exercises, heavy bag, speed bag and double-end bag drills, and one-on-one mitt work with a trainer in the ring. You will be eligible to spar, only after mastering proper stance, punches, defense and conditioning.

Group classes taught by certified USA boxing instructors are available for all levels, and include a stretch designed to increase flexibility and prevent injury followed by a series of circuit training exercises to enhance coordination, strength and agility. Finally, you will put on your gloves for bag work.


We have plenty of parking in the lot in front of the gym as well as the lot next to the gym (fire fighter training center lot) and along the back of the building.

This class is for those of you who have fought hard to reclaim your lives after battling cancer. It's a place for you to reclaim your health, your energy, your happiness, and to make friends who are also looking for the support of a strong class that is geared towards helping you reclaim your life.

Class will be Wednesday evenings from 5:30-6:30 beginning July 6. See our Class Schedule page for a full description.

Please contact us for more information.